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Calling all Orchard Owners for 21/22 season:

  We do the Harvesting!  We have the equipment and the knowledge to make this years harvest a breeze.  Once a freeze hits or the pecans start showing signs of heavy cracking, we do the rest, from arriving at your orchard, shaking the trees, moving the debris, picking up the pecans, getting them to the cleaning plant and loaded on the truck!  We are looking to build a relationship, not just buy your pecans and call it quits.  We will leave your property clean and even offer Orchard Maintenance for years to come.









  On large loads of pecans we pay FAIR MARKET VALUE based on yield % off 1 lb of pecans. We will sample and pull 3 grades and take the average of the 3. 

  Large loads must be clean upon delivery or pay our per lb NET weight fee to be cleaned before giving final grade & price. Call us for current pricing based on what you have to deliver but note pricing can change daily based on market demand. All sales are final once off premises.

    Please message below for more info, currently not buying for 2020 season. 


2019/2020 Pecan Season is Officially Over, 20/21 looks to be a failed crop for OK.

Selling Info

Walk-In Pecans by appointment only

(As of now, it looks 2020 will be an off season)

50lbs or 1000lbs, we buy all good quality pecans! 

Selling requirements:

      Clean handpicked pecans
      No trash
      No (BLACK) stick tight pecans
      No sticks
      No leaves
      No rocks

      No wormholes

      No dried out pecans

      This years Fresh pecans only (no frozen or old pecans)

  We will inspect all contents upon arrival and will refuse any walk’ins if we see signs of trash.


Pecan market value is constantly changing and we pay based on Fair Market Value.

The market is not typically set until around mid-late November and changes from there. 

We will announce here when/if we open the buying station! 

Contact Us

Arbuckle Outdoors

318 W. Main St

Davis, OK 73030


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